G.P. Gadbois is married, has three grown-up children, a grandchild, a couple of dogs, a cat and perhaps mice as the cat is too lazy to catch anything. She started writing her first novel when her children left home, and they all came back, but it didn’t stop her from writing a second and a third. When she is not writing, she loves spending time with her grandson, Arrow. She is also an avid reader, loves gardening, and in the winter, she enjoys curling.

Time to chat with Ginette!

Is your recent book part of a series?

Yes, my latest book is part of a series. It’s called Destiny, it is the third novel in the series A Moment in Time.

What are the special challenges in writing a series?

For me, the biggest challenge in writing a series is wanting each individual book to be a standalone as well and I don’t think the second one is.

My second challenge is remaining true to my main characters. To do so, I have an up-to-date document with all the names of main and secondary characters with a description for each. I started the series over five years ago and since I have a hard time remembering what I did three weekends ago, this document is my lifeline.

Do you write under a pen name? If so, can you tell us why?

I am not using my full name because it’s too long. Also, since writing is a hobby and at the moment, I prefer to keep my author career separate from my present full-time employment, shortening my name seemed sensible.

How did you choose the genre you write in? Or did it choose you?

The genre chose me. It all started with a dream. I rarely remember my dreams and wondered why I remembered this odd reoccurring one – of ghosts and murders. I jotted the main idea and thought I’d look up it’s meaning in a ‘dream’ book. Weeks went by, I never found the book that explained my odd dream and the more I shared my story with others, the clearer it became – I had to write about it. I added several characters, created additional conflict, researched details, and thought love scenes would add flavor to the mix.

Some authors, like me, always write scenes in order. But I know some people write scenes out of order. How about you?

I write scenes in order. I might move them later, if I’ve come up with a new idea, and need to insert something in between; but I prefer to write scenes from point A to point B and so on until I reach the end.

Some writers edit excessively as they write; others wait until a novel is finished to do the bulk of the editing. How about you?

When I wrote Caught Between Worlds, my first novel, I wrote it all without editing. For many reasons, it needed major editing. For example, I had never heard of head hopping before I sent my manuscript to a small publishing company. They were not interested in the novel; however, I am thankful for the feedback they gave me. I joined a writing group on-line, participated in a writing boot camp and edited the novel – gave it a facelift and sent it off to other publishing companies.

For my second and third novel, I wrote, proofread and edited as I moved along.

How many unwritten books are in your head? How do you decide which ones come to life now and which ones stay on the back burner?

I will follow my dreams. I have at least three stories in my head. I know which one I will write first because it is the last book of the series A Moment in Time. The series’ features four women and each one has her own novel, her own story.

How much of your own personality goes into your characters?

Gabrielle’s personality, the female main character in my first novel, is in many ways like I am. I thought it would be easier for my first novel and sadly I discovered that by doing so I didn’t develop her character on paper as much as I should have – if that makes any sense. I did in the editing, but that took considerable time. BIG mistake.

I do include events, trips, and other incidents that my girlfriends and I have experienced.

Do you ever act out your scenes while writing to help you gauge how authentic it feels?

Yes, I act out scenes and for a while, family members thought I had serious problems.

Is it important for you to know the ending of a book before you write it? The title?

I always know the ending and the message I want to convey. The title is tentative; it’s a work in progress just like the story.

What else have you written?

Caught Between Worlds, A Moment in Time Novel One

Trust Me, A Moment in Time Novel Two

Melissa’s Sweetheart, short story

Many of us get stuck in our stories at one point or the other? What helps you to break through in these frustrating times?

I put it aside for a week or two and when I return, I’m rested and ready for more.

How important is the choosing of character names to you? Have you ever decided on a name and then changed it because it wasn’t right for the character?

In my opinion, names are important. My novels take place in the mid-eighties; therefore, I try to select names that were popular during that era.

Yes, I have changed a name because it didn’t feel right for the character.

Authors, especially Indies, are constantly trying to understand why some authors sell well while their talented fellow authors have a hard time of it. It’s an ongoing conundrum. What do you make of it?

Since I have a full-time job and writing is a hobby, I never really thought about this. Your book can be the best, but if it’s not well promoted, it may never reach #1 on the charts. Like everything else, it’s a business. Some people seem to be lucky, they might not have the best novel, but they were at the right place at the right time. I’m not convinced their work would become classics, though…

Can you tell us about your road to publication?

I sent my first manuscript to sixteen publishing companies total. I received eight rejections, five didn’t reply, two maybes, and one yes.

My first two novels were published by Roane Publishing, and then they closed their doors.

I updated a few things in each book, gave them new covers and published myself.

Please, tell us about your experiences with social media. What are your favorite and least-favorite parts of it?

Social media is my favorite past-time/procrastinating tool. I love interacting with readers and other authors.

Do you have any secrets for effective time management?

Stay off social media for at least one or two hours a day.

Do you ever have animal characters in your books? If so, do you find it a difficult thing to do? If yes, why?

I have dogs and horses in my books. I love them.

Do you allow others to read your work in progress, or do you keep it a secret until you’ve finished your first draft? Can you elaborate?

Yes, I allow a few chosen BETA readers who are truly amazing.

What would your dream writing space look like?

A room with a door upon which I could hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the handle. For the past year, the only available place to write was the kitchen. I should have put a ‘no vacancy’ sign at the end of my driveway when all my kids came back home, and they had multiplied. Instead, I took them in, and the kitchen table became my desk. I’m not complaining though, I’m simply answering your question.

Were you “born to write” or did you discover your passion for writing later in life?

I was born to do many things and discovered a passion for writing.

Do you dread writing a synopsis for your novel as much as most writers do? Do you think writing a synopsis is inherently evil? Why?

Yes, I dread writing a synopsis and I dislike the blurb even more.

What have you done to market your novel and what did you find the most effective? The least effective?

I’ve done public speaking at my local library, book signings, I am on Facebook and Twitter. I haven’t found one super-efficient way. I ran a FB ad for a special deal, and it did not generate any sales. Amazon ads might generate better results, but I will concentrate on promotion once my fourth book in the series is done, and I’m retired from my full-time job. Hopefully in a couple of years.

Having our work out there to be judged by strangers is often daunting for writers. Do you have any tips on handling a negative review?

One must grow thick skin and keep in mind that everyone is different and not all will enjoy our work. If the person criticizing the work is an expert, I take notes and learn from their critique. Good or bad, I value each review.

Many authors do giveaways; have you found them a successful way to promote your book?

I tried and I don’t know if I chose the wrong time of year to do it or did not promote it enough; but mine didn’t help.

Do you miss spending time with your characters when you finish writing them?

Yes, I miss my characters until I start something new, and because I am writing a series and the main characters appear in each one of the books, I get to hang around with them a bit more.

I hear you have some very exciting news! Can you share it with us?

Yes, I am happy to share this exciting news. I will be publishing Destiny, A Moment in Time Novel Three as soon as my editor and I finish working on the famous edits.

I’ll be doing a cover reveal soon. It will be posted on my Twitter and my Facebook pages.

If you were to advertise your book on a bumper sticker, what would it say?

Trust Me, it’s Destiny, you’re Caught Between Worlds!

What genre have you never written in that you’d like to try?

I’d like to write a historical based on true story or maybe a thriller.

Where do you live now? If you had to move to another city/state/country, where might that be?

I was a city girl when I was single. I’ve been married for almost thirty years and my husband said he’d move to Montreal when hell would freeze over, so I moved to the country and I’ve been here, in Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada ever since. When I can no longer maintain my house or hell freezes over, I’ll move back to the city.

Trains, planes, automobiles, or boats?

Automobile, bicycle, snowmobile, plane, train and then boats.

Okay, I’m going to grant you three superpowers? Think carefully. Which ones would you like and why?

The power to heal. Healing hands. For one, I’d have cured my childhood girlfriend from cancer. I’d heal children and anyone in pain.

The power to go back in time. To give me the opportunity to take back some of the hurtful things I’ve said or done to people I care about.

The power to slow down time. To extend happy moments spent with loved ones.

Care to brag about your family?

My husband of thirty years still makes me laugh. Our oldest son, Jean-Sebastien and his partner Lisa have two dogs, two cats, and several rabbits. Our daughter Tanya and her husband Zak have a wonderful son Arrow, two dogs, and one cat. Except for my husband, all the above have moved away from home this past December 2019. The only one left at home is our youngest son, Elijah who has been dating Josee for a year now.

When I first finished writing my first manuscript, I asked Elijah if he’d read it. I needed someone good in English to proofread. He said, “Mom, I’ll wait until it’s out in theaters.” I was disappointed and thrilled at once. He couldn’t be bothered, but he had high expectations.

To read more about my family, visit my FB page and look for the Memory Lane posts.

What makes you angry?

People who are toxic.

What music soothes your soul?

Pop, classical, country, and rock. Metal, not so much.

If you could add a room onto your current home, what would you put in it?

A whirlpool.

What’s your favorite film of all times? Favorite book?

I have several favorite films, but the one that had an impact on me was Love Story.

What simple pleasure makes you smile?

A child’s laughter. A good shot when I’m curling. A person smiling. Book reviews.


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