About The Author



Lisette was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. She spent ten years in New York City, and now resides in Los Angeles.

She’s a multi-genre author of ten novels and one short story collection. Her books include: Crooked Moon (Contemporary/Literary Fiction); Squalor, New Mexico (Coming-of-Age/Literary Fiction); Molly Hacker Is Too Picky! (Women’s Fiction/Chick-lit), The Desert Series: Mystical High; Desert Star; and Drawn Apart (YA paranormal / magical realism), Barrie Hill Reunion (Literary Fiction); and Hotel Obscure: A Collection of Short Stories (short stories, Literary Fiction); Love, Look Away (Women’s Fiction/Chick-lit); The Sum of our Sorrows (coming-of-age / contemporary fiction), and The Waiting House: A Novel in Stories (literary fiction.)

In addition to her ten novels and one short story collection, two more of Lisette’s short stories are published in an anthology: Triptychs (Book 3, The Mind’s Eye Series.)

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