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  1. Lisette Brodey – I heard you on the Jordan Rich Show on WBZ. You are a treasure. I had to get up and write down Molly Hacker is too Picky. I knew I would forget it in the morning. Want to thank you for opening up more adventures for me.

    My daughter loves to read also – She just retired from teaching as a Reading Specialist. She found and introduced the “Danny” books to them and they loved them
    Anyway just wanted to thank you and Jordan for great late night listening pleasure.

    Cheers, Nancy

    • Hi, Nancy:

      What a wonderful surprise to receive your lovely comment this morning. I’m so glad you were listening and enjoyed the segment. Thank you so much for getting in touch with me. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Molly. You’ll have to let me know if you think she’s too picky!

      Thanks again for stopping by! You made my day.

      all best wishes,

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